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Goddess Jeanna - Elegant & Exotic


The Goddess is dedicated, experienced, lifestyle dominatrix specializing in all forms of fetish and fantasy. I have few limits: those that are in place are there for your protection. Sessions can be as creative and inventive as you desire within non-compromising parameters. Those who win my respect and trust are permitted into my home and my life to become my perfect submissive. They work very hard at anticipating my needs. Study me and learn what makes me happy. If you'd like to be part of my life, you must invest in doing things to make my life more comfortable and to support my goals for your training needs.

I have NO interested in the average male or female. I will not accept anything less than a strong yet truly submissive. I love capable men & women who enjoy pleasing me, worshipping me and adoring me. I am a true GODDESS. I expect and command respect. You will see! The first thing you will learn is that I don't like to repeat myself, nor do you waste my time. If you want a true GODDESS such as myself you will want me to mold you into my little toy. Because this is my fantasy: to have you love everything I do to you(And you will). I am an owner of loving and devoted submissives who are sincere students with open minds that permit them to grow like a flower. (This could be you.)

Are you ready to explore the dark side of your soul? Although you may have had some dreams last night, you venture into the unknown as a student of pleasure. You will seek to learn about all your fetish fantasies trapped inside you. Do you crave the unusual? Do anything I say and you'll be rewarded with a lesson in love & submission to all your desires. Would you like for a powerful GODDESS to take your hand and lead you to a full understanding of your body & soul that you though no one would dare to understand? You owe it to yourself to discover the mystery. Now you know the best kept secret in St. Louis. I have the key: all you need is a loving GODDESS to teach you. I know you will be happy (you have entered reality now). Many who are drawn to its seductive yet frightening flame find an addiction to its power. There are many Dominants out here, but very few teachers of the art of B/D. You are very special to me, so lets start our journey together. You need to take your first step now. You must be patient my submissive; this journey is like your finest of wines -- it takes time. I want you to be the best. My services are for all submissives, couples, males, females, she-male, TV's. I only see submissives over the age of 35. You must be respectful, clean, healthy, discreet and sincere. DON'T WASTE MY TIME. You may submit a polite and informative email or letter to me. DO NOT CALL until you are ready for an appointment. You must have ready the day and time you want for your session in mind first. (NO GAME player)

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